Gender Female
Race Fairy
Partner Paiga
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Nanako Yasuda
English voice Wendee Lee

Vivia is Paiga's Fairy partner. She sports peculiar mouse-like ears and she's the type of woman with sex appeal. It looks like she's always somewhat listless, she acts seriously towards Paiga, who is torn between his peers and his superiors. Since Paiga is a man with wife and kids, one should be curious about how the presence of this woman can be explained to his wife.


Vivia is a fair-skinned girl with light amber colored eyes and short, curly silver colored hair with spiked messy bangs. In her hair are two grey mouse ears, and she also has teal gradient wings with white spots on them. She wears a revealing black and white top with two giant zippers over each breast and a matching black bikini bottom-like piece. Going up and down her body are white and silver shapes, and she also wears two purple straps between her shoulder and neck, a dark collar with a hoop and gem attached to it, and black gloves with no fingers and giant holes cut on them.