"Weary traveler, you must be exhausted. I have just brewed some chamomile tea. You are welcome to partake of it with me." - Tiara upon her first meeting with Fang.

"Ngh, I thought you were being kind for a second, but you're really just a lowdown, dirty trickster." "The only dirty thing here is your face. Your fairy friend has quite the shameful face, too. Hm, I suppose you two are meant to be." - Fang's insult to Tiara and her following retort, on their first meeting.

"H-How can you say something so dreadful!? Ah, oh... but... For some reason, I am getting... rather excited..." - Tiara's response to Fang calling her a "stuck-up bitch" with "a real crappy attitude", on their first meeting.

"What's wrong with this chick...?" Eryn's reaction to Tiara's line above.

"Wh-What did you say to me!? The feeling's mutual, so come get some! I'll give you a definite death! Deathinitely!" - Tiara to Ethel after the latter said that she hates hussies like her.

"Ah, yes, yesss! *Now* is the time to talk to me like that! Soooo wonderful! Please, please say it again!" -Tiara after Fang gets mad at her for the way she was acting to Galdo.

"Oh my isn't that it?" When battle is over/if she defeats the last enemy.

"Er, well...I did want to thank you, but I also wanted to confirm something. When you saved me, you may have seen me, um, naked."- Tiara questioning Soji after being rescued from the Vile God's body.

"Hyaaaah! P-Please don't come over here! W-Wait, no! Save me...! Wait, never mind! Please don't come over here! If you see me like this, my virtue will be tarnished..." -Tiara requesting help after being stripped naked by the Death Spiders

"The answer is simple: I am a heroine, not some damsel in distress waiting to be rescued!"

"Hey! Boobless Wonder and Girly Boy! What're you starin' at!? Get bent! This ain't no peepshow!"