This page lists the Takeover Element for Fairy Fencer F. This includes what will be taken over in New Game Plus and what will not be taken over.

Taken Over

  • Gold
  • Total play time
  • Level
  • Skills
  • Items
  • Music box and Visual Box
  • Equipment
  • Library Information (Play data, Challenge achievement,s Enemy information, Character information)
  • Battle Set (Weapon Enhancement, Abilities)
  • Fairy Cards (Including level)
  • Shop iems
  • Quest Rank
  • Reproduct Rank
  • Bonus Voices

Not Taken Over

  • Quests (Accepted quests. The exception being important quests.)
  • God Reproduct status (swords taken out)
  • Tower of Shukesu status (floors available)
  • DLC-only items