Resonant World/HIKARI
Resonant World Art Information
Title in Kanji/KanaResonant World/光
Romaji TitleResonant World/HIKARI
Number of Tracks4
Release DateOct 23, 2013

Tracklist OrderEdit

Track Number Song Title Length
01 Resonant World 4:01
02 HIKARI 5:02
03 Resonant World (off vocal) 4:01
04 HIKARI(off vocal) 5:00


  • M-01 - PS3 "Fairy Fencer F" Opening Theme
    • Performer: Maho Matsunaga from StylipS
    • Composer, Arranger, Lyrics: R・O・N
  • M-02 - PS3 "Fairy Fencer F" Ending Theme
    • Performer: ChouCho
    • Composer & Lyrics: Kana Yabuki
    • Arranger: Tomoki Kikuya

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