Title Fencer
Age 44
Gender Male
Race Human
Partner Vivian
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Yoji Ueda
English voice Kyle Hebert

Paiga is one of the Four Heavenly Kings/Czars of Dorfa. He's a Fencer, but rarely fights. He acts as scout for the other Four Heavenly Kings/Czars by checking the front lines of battle. A coordinator for Hanagata, Bernard and the other Four Heavenly Kings, he's certainly middle management. He works really hard to protect the company, his wife and the lives of his children. He's a man that carries his own middle age woes.

In Advent Dark Force, it is revealed that his name is Paiga Pairon.



Unlike the other Heavenly Czars, Paiga is rather timid and weak will, but tries his hardest for the sake of his family. He is very emotional and can`t hide his feelings, especially when under stress. As such, he is not considered to be "truly evil" by his enemies.



  • Paiga is the only Dorfa executive to stay alive in both time lines.
  • Paiga is the only Heavenly King/Czar to only be fought once in Fairy Fencer F.
  • According to Hanagata, Paiga`s wife is very beautiful.
  • His wife's name is Setsuko but no pictures are available.