"I love money! I love it so much I wish I could swin in a pool of cash! You could slap me with wad of bills and it wouldn`t hurt at all! ...Did you really expect me to say that? Because it`s absolutely true!" -Lola

"Is your wallet just as excited as I am ?" -Lola

"The only thing I trust is money. I looooooooooove money. It's so sparkly and shiny, and it makes such a nice 'plink plink' sound." -Lola

"If you ask me, love is spelled, m-o-n-e-y" -Lola

"You love my wallet, not me." -Fang to Lola.

"An angel has come." -Lola, after fairize.

"You must be pretty bummed, huh Fang? You didn't get to check out Tiara's naked body." -Lola

"Don't get caught up in details. All roads lead to money! Money is justice! Warmth! Balm! Money can't buy happiness--money IS happiness!"