"Hmm... I got some good data." -Harley during one of her victory pose.

"I feel like she's undressing me with her eyes..." -Eryn about Harley during their first meeting

"Hmhmhm... Come here, little fairy. I don't bite..." -Harley to Eryn during their second first meeting

"Hey, Fang! Wanna swap Fairys?" -Harley to Fang after she gets interested in Eryn

"Consider my interest piqued!" -Harley

"Oh Bahus, if you keep living in the past, you`re gonna go bald." -Harley to Bahus after telling how she and Bahus meet

"The look I got at you while we were saving you was very pleasing to the eye. I generally have no interest in anyone's naked body, let alone a member of the same sex, but it was quite a sight regardless. Yes indeed..." -Harley talking to Tiara about her being naked inside the Vile God

"Her body's trapped. We have to pull her out. Of course, there's a chance her upper half will just come right off..." -Harley seeing Tiara naked inside the Vile God

"Whew... Thank goodness! It looks like her lower half is okay." -Harley after pulling Tiara's naked body out of the Vile God