Age 52
Gender Male
Race Human
Personal Status
Voice Actors

Hanagata is the President and leader of the "Dorfa" company. Dorfa is a company which puts forth large amounts of effort by social contribution, including managing an orphanage.


Hanagata stands tall, with a serious face (that which resembles a slight grimace). His grey, messy hair, proves his extreme stress levels, that of which only belong to a business owner like Dorfa. He wears a white trench coat with black trimming and a high collar that folds back down to his shoulders. He wears a purple scarf underneath his middle layer white and black jacket; a belt fastens his white pants to his waist.


Hanagata's decisions are made not by personal feeling, but more by what will be best for the future of his company. He is a man fueled by the quickly approaching monopoly of the world by his company, Dorfa.



Hanagata is one of only two characters that was alive before the time loop, but died after. The other one being Sherman.

While being a major antagonist, Hanagata never meet the protaganist Fang.

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