Fencer is the title given to an individual who wields a Fury. These individuals don't necessarily need to be human as seen in the case of Pippin. Fairy partners are the Fairies who reside in the Fury.

List of FencersEdit

Fencer Fairy Fury
Fang Eryn Sword
Tiara Cui Glaive
Harley Bahus Gun
Galdo Marissa Scythe
Pippin Soji Knuckles
Ethel Karin Bow
Apollonius Seguro Greatsword
Sherman Ryushin Sword
Paiga Vivian ---
Marianna Khalara Spear (Evil Goddess Route)
Zenke Della ---
Bernard Sanguina ---
Noe none Gun

Trivia Edit

  • It was stated by Eryn in the Evil Goddess path of Fairy Fencer F ADVENT DARK FORCE that if a fencer passes away, then the fairy would die as well. An example would include:
  • Galdo in the Vile God route, who was fatally injured by Bernard. Before dying, he even stated that if he dies, Marissa will disappear as a result.
  • Sherman in more than one instance, where in the Goddess route, when Sherman fused with the Vile God, Ryushin's presumably faded from existence. In the Evil God route, after Noie killed Sherman, Ryushin appears to be shutting down afterwards.

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