"I'm the one who decides my fate, even if I have to will that fate into existence. Make sure to never forget that." -Fang to Eryn after defeating guards, when Fang agrees to help Eryn find the Furies

"I'll feed you delicious food until it finally kills you!" "Bring it on, pops!" -Conversation between Bahus and Fang

"Everyone`s flocking to me like flies to garbage." -Fang to Tiara in the "More People" conversation.

"Idiot. I`m so considerate that I give myself ulcers." -Fang to Eryn.

"Harley, could you move a little faster? Your ginormous ass is in my face." - Fang, while in the tunnel dug by Galdo in Bui Valley.

"Death isn't just a tragedy, it's a chain reaction that screws up everyone related to it." -Fang to Tiara while looking for the Fairy Flower to save Apollonius.

"Welcome, Fang... Fancy seeing you alive. Resilient as a cockroach." -Marianna to Fang at the Stairway to Heaven after Sherman nearly killed him.

"Man, I just wanna live a lazy life. Most people won't admit that, so the fact that I can say that out loud proves that I'm the man. Yup! I'm definitely awesome!" -Fang's bonus monologue 1. 

"Wait, I'll go! I'm an expert at parties! I'm the party master! When I was a kid, they used to call me, 'Fang the Party Animal'!"