"Kill ! Butcher ! Annihilate !"

"`Stop complaining, you whiny little bitch ! I can`t stand smug, privileged hussies like you ! I hate you so much ! You die first ! I`m gonna kill you until you die from it !` ... That`s what Ethel says." -Ethel and Karin translating before fighting Ethel for the first time.


  • "Ugh.. Tch... Kill...Kill, kill!"
  • "...Kill."
  • "...Kill?"
  • "Kill... 'Kay. Ethel's gonna join your party."
  • "Karin, don't cry. Ethel will kill anyone who makes you cry... Kill!"
  • "...Go back? ...I dunno, Ethel is Ethel. What do I do now?"
  • "...? 'Kay."
  • "My skin is silky smooth now... Tiara taught me how to take care of my skin... Fang, you're bad at noticing changes..."


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