Gender ???
Race Fairy
Partner Tiara
Personal Status
Specialties Danger sensing
Hobby Chatting with Tiara
Likes Tiara
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Arisa Noto

Cui is Tiara's fairy partner. It doesn't speak human language, but Tiara and it understand each other. Its bark is "Kyui Kyui" or in English version "Cui".


Cui is a white Fairy resembling a puppy with long bushy ears matching its tail. On each ear is a big circle with a line, along with a few parts of hair at the top of the head. Its eyes are dark red, and at it's neck they wears a dark colored bow with thin white lines on each part, and a bright pink gem in the middle.


Cui is very much like a puppy. He/she loves Tiara.



  • Eryn referred Cui as a female when she questioned Tiara about her translation from Cui's language, saying "Are you her translator now!?"
  • However, in one of the sub-events of the Vile God Route, Tiara referred Cui as a male while she was thanking Ryushin for taking care of Cui under her absence, stating: "Cui tells me you've done quite a lot to him. Thank you very much."
  • In Advent Dark Force during a sub-event, it is revealed that Cui's official name is Cuberial.