Gender Male
Race Fairy
Partner Apollonius
Personal Status
Specialties Battling
Hobby Battling
Likes Meat
Dislikes Vegetables
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Toshifumi Maeda

Seguro is Apollonius' Fairy. It has the form of a giant dragon, and also its combat abilities are high.

Appearance Edit

Seguro's physical appearance resembles a Chinese Dragon. Its body is covered with dark, purple hide while Seguro's belly is pure black. Based from the town skit, Seguro is a gigantic fairy.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Seguro's personality but it is rather loyal to Apollonius.

More of Seguro's personality was shown in the Vile god route. He is shown to have dog-like traits as revealed in one of the side events in the Vile God route. It is also shown that despite of his fierce appearance, he is surprisingly friendly to his peers.


  • Seguro is one of the few fairies who doesn't speak the human tongue, instead communicating by growls or roars.

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