Age 35
Gender Male
Partner Sanguina
Likes Physical Superiority, the Vile God, Dorfa's Leader
Dislikes Fencers that worship the Goddess
Personal Status
Original Deceased (Goddess)
Body Ceased to Exist
Mind Sent to Next Timeline (Vile God)
Deceased (Evil Goddess)
Goddess Deceased
Vile God Absorbed by Vile God
Evil Goddess Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese voice Kohei Murakami
English voice Robbie Daymond
Bernard is one of the main antagonists of Fairy Fencer F. He`s Dorfa's Financial Director and Hanagata's aide and he is also accompanied by the Four Heavenly Czars.


Bernard's pale face shows his confidence and belief in his own superiority while he usually carries a sly grin. His white hair is long and straight and he wears a crested, black robe with golden buttons and some silver ornaments. Additionally, he wears two silver pauldrons which are ornamented as well.


Bernard is a calm, collected man who seems to be very clever and calculating. Even though he shows high loyalty to Hanagata, he accepts Sherman as new leader of Dorfa without hesitation because he only believes in physical strength. Thus he sees Hanagata as unworthy for the Vile God because he lost against Sherman. Despite of his sober demeanor he hides a truly sadistic, ruthless personality, actively seeking to cause turmoil and misery.


Bernard is a descendant of the Vile God, but his origin is unknown. Despite Tiara being a descendant as well, they weren't born in the same tribe. Due to his origin he worships the Vile God and seeks his revival. Thus he joins Dorfa and becomes Hanagata's aide because the company shares his intentions.