In the first timeline, Apollonius is interested in Fang because he loves to have an enjoyable battles as a warrior. Later in the second timeline, he is rescued by Fang. After losing to Fang the second time, Apollonius eventually accept Fang as a fellow warrior and become his companion.


Sister of Apollonious. Although he does not show it, Apollonius loves his sister. In the second timeline, Apollonius's live is saved by the medicine in Emily's amulet.


It is implied that Apollonius gets along with Harley after he joins Fang in the second timeline. However, he gets flustered easily by her womanly appearance, as shown when she approached him upon joining the party for the first time, and when he saw Harley coming out of the shower.


Apollonius was rarely seen communicating with his fellow employee. Nevertheless, the two held a common view that Zenke is an evil and hedonistic person, and Dorfa treats their employees poorly regardless of whetherthey are a grunt or an executive.